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Regatta Master 2012

The first commercial release of Regatta Master was version 3.0. It's debut in September 2002 was the end of 4 years of development and field testing .... and the beginning of several more years of refinement, enhancements, and corrections.

After 5 years of faithful service, Regatta Master 3.0 was retired. It's replacement was Regatta Master 2007 (version 3.1), which was released in October 2007.

After a successful run of over 4 years, Regatta Master 2007 moved aside for its successor, Regatta Master 2012 (3.2).  RM 2012 takes a great leap forward in terms of timing functionality and real-time integrated web publishing.

About Regatta Master
Regatta Management
Club Management

Regatta Master takes a regatta of any size from the planning stages to the published results.  It manages and tracks planning meetings and agenda items, schedules volunteers, imports registration from many sources (or it can be input manually), performs scheduling and progression, manages weigh-ins, calculates handicaps, accepts timing data from FinishLynx, manual input, or built-in timer, and publishes schedules, draws, and results to PDF, printed reports, as well as live publishing to the web.

Regatta Master supports both head-style and sprint regattas, and allows sprint events in a head regatta, as well as time trial racing within a sprint regatta.
Regatta Master integrates with regional and national online registration systems in Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States (RegattaCentral) to make regatta registration tasks fast, easy, and error-resistant. It also provides a complete user interface for manual registration entry, imports registration from other Regatta Master clubs and can manage and track registration from multiple sources simultaneously. 

  • International currency - all monetary functions are displayed using the regional currency settings of the user who created the regatta.

  • Entry fee accounting - tracks entry fees, as well as substitutions, scratch fees and user-defined charges.

  • Itemized billing - email a PDF itemized statement to each entrant

  • Move entries from one event to another, waitlist entries.

  • Extensive management reporting on entry, rower, and crew status.
  • Scheduling
  • Automatic initial lane draws or time trials, plus manual seeding options.

  • Use, copy or modify built-in progression systems, or create your own.

  • Automatically creates race structure and required races from progression rules.

  • Quickly schedule events, modify centers, insert breaks, combine or separate events, redraw lanes, etc.

  • Handles unlimited progression levels, automatically flagging qualifiers for advancement to next level.

  • Generates progression rule text or allows custom text.
  • Control Commission
    Control Commission
  • Allows separate weight rules for different classes of athletes.

  • Record and apply weights to selected races.

  • Control commission viewer to look up weigh-in status throughout the regatta.
  • Timing
  • Allows internal timekeeping or manual time entry to 1/1000 of a second.

  • Built-in (Straight-line, USRowing) and user-defined handicap tables, weighted handicapping.

  • Calculates adjusted and raw times, splits, delta, percentile ranking, and finish order, including handicaps and penalties, to 1/1000 of a second.

  • Integrates with Concept2 Venue Racing Application for running ergometer races.

  • Integrates with FinishLynx photofinish timing system.

  • Imports interval data from Concept2 and FinishLynx systems (in addition to using the built-in timing system or entering interval times manually), export and report interval data with results reports, publish intervals with web results.
  • Results
  • Print results to paper, screen, or publish to PDF or other formats.

  • Export data from many schedules and results reports to Excel.

  • Realtime publishing the the Regatta Master Reporting Service web reporting application - schedules, lane draws, race results.