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Complete Regatta Management Solutions

...Regatta Master 2012 - complete multi-user regatta management software, handling all aspects of running rowing and related regatta-sports events from registration to results. Conforms to FISA progression requirements, handles handicaps, scheduling, lane/bow draws, penalties, weigh-ins. Built-in timing to millisecond precision, accepts manual times, and integrates with Concept2 Venue Racing Application and FinishLynx timing systems. Live publishing to Regatta Master Reporting Services included. Tightly integrated with RegattaCentral online registration system to provide an end-to-end solution for regatta organizers.

...Cloud Services - Regatta Master offers high-performance, high-availability Windows 2008 R2 servers in the cloud, fully configured for regattas of any size. Most current version of Regatta Master installed, and set up for your regatta. Just log in with Remote Desktop (PC or Mac), upload your data file, and run your regatta without the computer infrastructure overhead.

...Regatta Master Reporting Services - the RMRS is an interactive web reporting application. Regatta Master publishes directly to the RMRS during the regatta for live results. With the RMRS users can sort, filter, group, and drill down on just the information they want to see. Hide or show columns. Export to Excel or PDF. Auto-refresh so users can watch a race unfold without clicking the refresh button.

...Independent Timing Contractors - Regatta Master is developing a network of timing professionals to allow regatta organizers to find qualified timing providers in their geographical area.

...Onsite or Remote Support Packages - We can support your regatta either onsite, or remotely (requires RM Cloud Services or terminal server provided by the regatta).

Try Regatta Master 2012 free by creating an account and downloading the program today!

Software Features:
  • Multi-user design - no merging of disconnected data files.  All the data is in the database and available to all the users in real time.
  • Robust progression engine to handle the most demanding progression scenarios.  Conforms to FISA progression rules.
  • Extensive control commission, including penalty and weigh-in management.
  • Highly flexible timing design.  Mix and match timing sources, run parallel timing systems, audit and compare times between systems.
  • Integrated live web publishing - schedules, draws, results.

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New Features in Revision 47
7/24/2014  -

Revision 47, released today, has a number of new features.

The main change is the addition of a Special Category list in the entries.  This imports a special medals list from RegattaCentral (or you can create your own), which can be assigned to entries for classifying entries within an event or identifying boats for special awards within an event.  The abbreviation can be added, in parentheses, to the boat description.  

Along with this feature is the ability to lock a manually entered results placing in a race, so that recalculating results does not change the place of the locked boat(s).  This allows you to set the placing of special category winners within a race for reporting purposes.

Another interesting new feature is 'descriptive margins'.  This feature allows the regatta to assign descriptive text to the margins of boats behind the winning boat in a race.  This list is user-defined to match the convention of the specific regatta.  For instance, the list could include 'bowball', 'length', 'canvas', 'deck', 'horizon', etc to describe the distance of finishers from the winning boat.  This text will be included in web results and there is also a heat results report formatted for this method of ranking boats in a race.

Revision 47 also includes the ability to lock the schedule so that manual changes cannot be accidentally undone by  clicking the Recalculate Schedule button on the Schedule tab.

For a complete list of changes and fixes in Revision 47, please download the Revision History report from the website. 

New features in Regatta Master Timer
6/29/2014  -

A new version of Regatta Master Timer is available for download.  This version gives users the ability to add boats to the timing screen, enlarges the Stopwatch button, and makes the F1 key record stopwatch times.  The latter feature allows users to record times without looking at the computer screen.

Revision 41 Requires Full Installation
3/9/2014  -

Revision 41 has been released, which corrects some reported issues, and also modifies the core components of Regatta Master for future web publishing functionality.  Because of this, the full installation of Regatta Master (Rev 41) must be installed before applying any further updates. 

 Please download and install the full installation package for Regatta Master.  Note that Regatta Master must be closed while this is done.